Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Plan

In 2005, Angela and I decided to head to Europe on a backpacking trip. She'd been a couple times before, and I'd been to London and Paris with my parents when I was a senior in high school, but backpacking was a new direction for us. Angela and I have lived 6 houses from eachother our whole lives, and were friends when we were little. We went to different schools though, and didn't meet up again until almost college. Turns out we were pretty good traveling buddies. We wanted to see the same things (basically walk around, climb lots of steps, and go into a billion cathedrals, which are free). We liked to save money and explore grocery stores by cooking at the hostels we stayed at. We were completely happy to stop every few hours to peoplewatch on a bench for a while. We like historical sites, so we visited Holocaust sites including Dachau and Auschwitz.

We went to 7 countries and 8 cities in 30 days:
Paris, France
Strasbourg, France
Munich, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic,
Vienna, Austria
Krakow, Poland
Venice, Italy
Zurich, Switzerland
Back to Paris to fly out

This spring, we got to thinking that we should probably do it again. And our jobs were silly enough to give us the time off! So here's the plan in 25 days:
12 hour layover in Amsterdam
Athens, Greece
7 day sailing trip in Greek isles leaving from Samos, Greece
Thessalonika, Greece
Budapest, Hungary
Bucharest, Romania
Istambul, Turkey
*Maybe a couple of extra cities

Turns out the longest train ride on our last trip is shorter than our shortest train ride on this trip, which we aren't exactly looking forward to. I would say the sailing trip is the part I am most excited about. This sailboat holds 8 passengers plus a couple of crew guys, and the company seems really cool.

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